Friday, May 2, 2008

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I just placed this order on for :

Living Fuel - Super Greens
Omega 3 & E1

I have been taking the Super Greens for the last 3 months and I feel really good. I also eat a very clean diet and exercise, but I have been restricting calories for the past two months, which can sometimes take quiet a toll on your immune system and your energy levels. Happy to say I haven't gotten sick at all and I really do feel good. Everyone needs to be taking a really good multi-vitamin, and I highly recommend this one. My friend Leslie recommended them to me and I take a 1/2 scoop every morning as soon as I wake up. The Omega's I haven't tried yet, or the TheraSweet, so stay tuned.
I also find that some of the multi-level marketing products, like Mona Vie, are beneficial as well; but I personally don't buy into those types of products.