Thursday, March 31, 2011

Costco Connection interview: Why a personal trainer might be right for you...

Interview with Jacqueline M. Duda for Costco Connection magazine, January 2010.
'Other exercisers might copycat a friend's routine and do the same thing over and over again.  After a while their muscles quit responding.  "They fail to see results, and just...stop." explains Costco member Liz Carney, a CPT in San Clemente, California.  "A trainer can show you new tricks and keep it fun."  Exercising incorrectly can also lead to muscle imbalance and injury.  "Having a professional correct your form is one of the biggest reasons to hire a trainer," adds Carney. 
Carney, a licensed sports nutritionist, also counsels clients on nutrition.  A healthy diet helps the body build muscle, increase metabolism, and burn fat.'  (page 46, Costco Connection Magazine)
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cosmetics formulated without gluten, Tarte

Hi  everyone! 
I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and I find that products containing gluten are irritating not only to my tummy, but to my face as well!
I am forever searching for great makeup products formulated without gluten, and just purchased Tartes provocatuer Amazonian clay pressed mineral powder SPF 8... and I love it.  
When I called to confirm that the product was gluten free, an actual human being answered, and she sent me the following email within seconds of my phone call!  I thought I would share it with my other gluten sensitive girls out there!
P.S: They are also a cruelty free, green, and all natural cosmetic company, and their products are SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free, which is another huge irritant!

Hello Liz,

Thank you for contacting Tarte cosmetics customer service!! We do not and cannot claim to be gluten free due to where our products are formulated can and might come into contact with ingredients that contain gluten. However here is a list of our products that are formulated without gluten:

Three Carots Mini CheekStain Setgreen siren cheek stain + t5™
Cheek stain + t5™
Natural Beauty cheek stain + t5
Cheek stain bronze goddess
Double-Ended Lipgloss
Rise & Shine
24.7 SPF15 Lipsheers
Slide tin lip balms SPF15
Vitamin infused lipglosses
Vitamin Infused Lipstick
Double dose berry boost & gloss
Be Good to Your Mother (Earth)
Crown Jewels lipgloss multi-gift set
Natural lip crème pencil Amused, charmed, joy, peaceful
Natural lip stain pencil lust, enchanted, moody
Provocateur pressed mineral powder SPF 8
Clean slate face primer
Infinite Glow V3
The Eraser
Lights, camera, lashes
Lights, camera, splashes
The toolbox
Rest Assured
Eyeliner starry night & madame
Eyeshadow duos Damecuta, Kamalame Cay, Kalalau Trail
Eyeshadow duos Via del Moro
Eyeshadow duos North Island
Indelible wink
EmphasEYES natural high definition inner rim eye pencil
EmphasEYES for Brows
Rejuvelash Declumping Lash Exhilarator
Lock & Roll
4 Day Stay
Lash Hugger
Eye Couture
Liquid EmphasEYES (USA) black, brown, navy
EYE impact creaseless shadow and liner
Dar Circle Defence
Bottom up
multiplEYE lash enhancer
multiplEYE™ clinically proven natural lash enhancing primer
multiplEYE™ clinically proven natural lash enhancing mascara
Femme Naturale eye palettes
glam gams
Treasure Chest
Berry couture natural cheek stain and rise & shine set
Spring 2011 Products
Amazonian clay 12-hour blush
EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener
Smooth Operator illuminating serum
Lip Surgence natural lip tint (Amused, charmed, joy, peaceful ONLY)
Lip Surgence natural lip tint (Lust, enchanted, moody ONLY)
Provocateur Amazonian clay shimmering mineral powder
Dark circle defense under eye corrector
Amazonian clay long-wear blush
emphasEYES Amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner

Tarte Cosmetics Customer Service
Phone: 646-660-0754