Friday, May 6, 2011

Velokova Girl – Liz Carney

Above is a link to an interview I did with blogger/artist Leah Sakellerides, a long time friend of mine who writes a blog dedicated to inspiring women to live their lives and follow their dreams....

If you have a moment, please check it out! 
If you like it, leave a comment, and follow her blog for tips on living life to the fullest, travel, and everyday inspiration!
Here are some screen shots from the video:

Here is the link, again, and the write-up, directly from her blog:

"I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to present the next Velokova Girl!

Liz and I met as freshmen in high school. It was instant friendship the day we discovered we both wore the exact same lipstick and read magazines backwards (starting from the last page…and still do). Fast forward years later and we both happen to find ourselves living in Southern California and loving the pursuit of adventure. She recently went white water rafting in the Grand Canyon and zip lining in Costa Rica. In this interview she shares her experiences on moving to California, starting her personal training biz, catching her first wave, and following her heart.

Thanks so much, Liz! You rock! Hey, you wanna go paddling next weekend!?

You can catch up with Liz on

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Leah also has her own business making handmade, kick-ass jewelry from recycled metals- check out her site for one of a kind jewelry that ALWAYS has someone saying "where did you get that?"

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Options Spreads said...

I have just got myself a personal trainer and it's working great I am looking and feeling better in myself every day thanks for sharing Paul