Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Family

Happy Holidays everyone! 
It's the giving time of year again... and I am asking for your help in seeing that a needy family get a little holiday cheer. 
I know that times are tough... but please read this through... even a small donation can be put towards an outfit for a child.  

I have decided to adopt a Christmas family again this year, and I would love your help in assuring that they have a Christmas. 

These families are living in extreme poverty, and we try to see that they get just the  basics, first.  If we have extra, it will go towards gifts for the children. 

The children come from a middle school in Santa Ana.  My good friend Ann began this Holiday program several years back; this will be my fourth year helping her.  This is a rare charitable opportunity where your gifts will be given directly to a family.  
The school counselors notice when the children come to school hungry, or cold, and are without coats or jackets.  Once their amount of need is determined, we help as many families as we can, with the neediest families getting “adopted” first.   

Without us, these families would not have a Christmas at all. 

Here is how it works:

We try to get a pair of pants, a shirt, a sweater or jacket and a pair of shoes for each kid.  
I try to get these things where they can return them if they are not the right size (like target).  I also like tp get each child  get a book and one toy/game/fun.  I try to have the same number of gifts for each child.  I will wrap the presents and deliver them to the families on Christmas Eve.  
I will also need to find $200 for a grocery gift certificate for each family. 

Please let me know if you can make a contribution, or take a child, or even adopt a Family!

Also, if you have any gently used blankets that you would like to donate please let me know. 
If you are able to, there are still several families that need a team captain, so please let me know if you are up for that!  
Seeing the look on the children’s faces when you deliver the gifts is priceless. 
I know that times are tough, so anything that you can do to help is greatly appreciated.  
Every donation helps!
Please contact me with any questions at all!

Happy Holiday's to everyone!

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