Friday, May 2, 2008

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I just placed this order on for :

Living Fuel - Super Greens
Omega 3 & E1

I have been taking the Super Greens for the last 3 months and I feel really good. I also eat a very clean diet and exercise, but I have been restricting calories for the past two months, which can sometimes take quiet a toll on your immune system and your energy levels. Happy to say I haven't gotten sick at all and I really do feel good. Everyone needs to be taking a really good multi-vitamin, and I highly recommend this one. My friend Leslie recommended them to me and I take a 1/2 scoop every morning as soon as I wake up. The Omega's I haven't tried yet, or the TheraSweet, so stay tuned.
I also find that some of the multi-level marketing products, like Mona Vie, are beneficial as well; but I personally don't buy into those types of products.


hometourjay said...

Super Greens...I didn't like the taste of the product. When is your fitness competition?

Anonymous said...


You look awesome! We miss you in Palm Harbor. We would say something funny, but we don't want you to come kick our asses!

Jen Carlson and Carrie Gatten