Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Newest Adventure- Training for a Half Marathon!!

Hi Everyone! I have just decided to train for the Long Beach Half Marathon (Sunday, 10-11-09) with Lois Tiedemann, (
a local Iron man Triathlete and running coach here in San Clemente! I am so excited about it! I saw her flyer at the Starbucks in San Clemente, thought about it for a few days, then finally decided to call her. I liked her right away. I knew as soon as I spoke with her and read her blog that I had called the right person.
As many of you know, I enjoy all types of outdoor fitness activites. For some reason though, I have never caught the running "bug".
More than anything right now, I really want to become a true runner!

Although I did run the Vegas half marathon, I didn't really take it too seriously or train very hard for it. But this time, watch out! From now until October For the next 17 weeks, my life will be all about running! I am focused and ready to learn to love running!!!
I will be meeting with the Lois and the group of trainees(which will include my client Dianne and my best friend Louise) 2 times a week as well as doing yoga once a week for my sore muscles. This is all part of the program.
Please check back as I will be blogging about my training experience!


Unknown said...

Go Liz and Louise! You guys are awesome!

Unknown said...

By the way, "Bitter" is Darcey...not sure how I got that tag! Ha!!