Monday, March 29, 2010

Nutrition Program

What I do:

· Clinical Nutritional Assessment:

o Metabolic calculations showing daily resting metabolic rates and total energy expenditure

§ This helps me determine how many calories you should be taking in.

o Nutritional analysis of your current diet

§ This helps me determine how many calories you are taking in

§ Analysis of 34 nutrients

o Physical Assessment:

§ A full body composition, including caliper and tape measurements

§ Gender, height, weight, age, medical conditions, medications, food allergies or intolerances

o I take the information and create a diet specifically for you

o You will receive your Binder within 3 days.

What you get:

· A complete program in a binder including finished menus

· A shopping list for your menu

· A week’s worth of meals

o 4 different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

§ You can mix and match the meals, so you don’t get bored

· Email/ phone support

· Body composition update after 4 weeks

Cost of program:


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