Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YouTube - Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This is a great lecture on the evils of processed fructose sugar (specifically: high fructose corn syrup, which is added to most convenience foods: canned soda, sports energy drinks, and most other pre-packaged junk food and almost all fast food)
High fructose corn syrup is metabolized as fat, so all of those aformentioned items, as well as fat free snacks are actually fat producing, and a huge part of the reason for the obesity epidemic.

YouTube - Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Important notes:

  • Always eat carbohydrates with fiber: it reduces the rate of your carb absorption, which reduces your insulin response.
  • Real fruit is okay, because where there is fructose in nature, there is WAY more fiber.. so it counteracts the negative effects of the fructose. Fruit limits the amount of fructose that you are taking in, and it provides the essential nutrient: FIBER!!!
  • Parents: there should be NO sugared beverages in your home. Obviously eliminate soda, but you should also eliminate juices and juiceboxes... they are a recipe for obesity and disease, and are missing the most essential nutrient of all: FIBER!!
  • Eliminate as many pre-packaged foods as you possibly can from your household. Make nutritious meals and snacks ahead of time. Yes, this does take time... but skip a TV program and have the kids help in the preparation. Carry a cooler with you every where you go, so you always have a snack on hand.
He goes over the importance of fiber, and recommends getting 100-300 grams a day:

  • Fiber reduces the rate of carbohydrate absorption, which reduces insulin response (minimizing fat storage).
  • Adding fiber to your diet tells your brain that you are full more quickly. It does this by increasing the speed of transit of intestinal contents to the ileum (the lowest part of the intestine), and sending a satiety hormone (PYY) to the brain which tells you that you are full.
  • Load up with fruits and veggies: Apples typically have 4 grams of fiber, a banana has 3, one half a medium Haas Avocado has 6 grams of fiber.

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