Friday, February 19, 2010

Nutrition for the Fad-dieter!

Losing weight is tough. Here is one of the scenarios I hear all of the time:

You try a new diet for two weeks, and it works! You lose the weight you want to lose! You're feeling pretty good about yourself, and you let yourself slip a little at the weekend BBQ. It continues through the week, and a couple of weeks from now, your right back to where you started and your jeans are making your butt look big again.

You see other people at the weekend BBQ who seem to be pigging out, but they look great. You wonder why you can’t do that. You think maybe they are just blessed with a high metabolism.

That’s probably not the case. The truth is they have figured out how to turn on their metabolism, so that the occasional weekend pig-out session won't harm them. They don’t do fad diets. In fact, they probably eat all the time.

It’s simple, really. I can help you get started. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Let me help you can begin good habits, drop the bad ones, and turn on your metabolism. And soon, you can be one of those annoying ‘lucky ones’ with the fast metabolism.

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