Friday, February 19, 2010

Nutrition For the Time Starved!

Are you starved for time? You don’t have the time to make healthy meals, so you just get whatever is quickest for you and your family?

Here is a scenario I hear from the time starved:

You decide you are going to start a healthy eating plan. You do really well for the entire week, and you’re feeling pretty good. The weekend comes, things get hectic, and you don’t have the time to making something healthy, so you get pizza for the family and enjoy several slices. Sunday night is Chinese food. By Monday, your energy is gone, and you begin the same old pattern of work, easy fast food for the family, relaxing on the couch (because you are too tired to do anything else), then bed.

This scenario is a viscous cycle. In short, when you’ve been eating crap, your body has to process it all and filter it. This makes you tired and groggy. Then you don’t have the energy to make healthy meals. So you eat some more, fast, easy crap. Then you sit on the couch and the crap food turns into fat deposits that your body stores for later (on your hips, thighs, and belly). Then you feel like crap, because you’re fat. So you decide to start a diet again. The cycle continues.

This cycle is wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Taking control and learning new habit’s will take just 21 days. With my 4 week diet plan, you will get 16 meals that you can make in advance for your family to enjoy. Yes, you can still have Pizza on the weekend! The Liz Fitness Nutrition healthy eating -program will help you take control of your food so that you will have energy and not feel like a slug at the end of the day.

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