Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking time to take care of YOU!

I often hear from people "I just don't have the time to exercise or eat right; I can't afford a gym membership, or training." Then, in the same sentence, they talk about their favorite TV shows or getting their nails done. If you have time to watch TV,then you definitely have time to exercise. If you are getting your nails done every two weeks or going to the tanning salon, then you have the money to join a gym or at least buy some exercise DVDs.

I gave up regular manicures and pedicures so that I could hire a trainer! Really! I also have a gym membership at a different gym then I work at! Really! I make sacrifices to make sure that I stay healthy and happy. Because without one you can't have the other.
Women are the worst at putting themselves last and taking care of everyone else. The truth of it is this: if you don't take the time to be the best person that you can be, then how good are you going to be to your loved ones? You must put your health and longevity first so that you can be the best mom, wife, partner, daughter, business woman, whatever.... Take the time for yourself. Sit down and really look at where you are spending your free time, or where you are wasting precious time that could be put to good use making you a better YOU! Can you take a walk or jog with your child instead of watching TV? That is great quality time, exercise mixed with wonderful conversation, and it's free! Plant a garden with your family; go surfing together, take a long walk on the beach (also free)! Get active, get moving! One day you will look back and say- I am so glad I spent all that quality time with my loved ones. I can promise that you will not say- I am so glad we watched so much TV together- that was really great. :)


Be Fit With Biray said...

I agree in that people definitely have the time to be active. It's where they choose to spend their time that is the issue. You have to make healthy lifestyle a priority.

But often times, sedentary individuals use 'time' as an easy way of saying "I just don't like exercise" or "I don't know where to begin," and then let fitness professionals ramble on about time management.

It's much easier for a sedentary person to just say, "you're right, I just need to make time" and avoid, what may be, a bigger issue.

Just a thought...

Liz said...

So True, Brian! Thanks for the comment!